Dental Billing Services

Dental Billing Services

Maintaining dental hygiene is crucial to living a healthy and positive life. Taking charge of oral health can empower patients with peace of mind. But what about your peace of mind? The core focus of any dentist is to provide for best dental care and practice effective dental billing services. From eligibility verification to staying compliant with HIPAA norms, streamlining everything is challenging to keep the revenue cycle running. Stop jumping through insurance companies’ hoops and living in the dark ages doing things old ways..!

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Welcome, to a New Peace of Mind by Outsourcing Dental Billing!

Every dental service provider is looking for healthy dental billing services. You can also have a healthy dental practice provided it is balanced – one part is dedicated to the patient’s care while the other is invested in the practice management. This balance quickly becomes skewed when your clinic begins to flourish, and you can’t keep up with both the care of your patients and dental billing. Perhaps either one slides away, or both parts collapse. However, there is an alternative solution – a solution scaling the tip in your favor. Rather than watching one or both parts suffer, you can opt for – outsourcing your dental billing. Reclaim your dental practice time and energy, and utilize this for your patient care.! Get rid of the stress and improve your practice management and work effortlessly with your team!

  • Receive regular and timely payments from payers
  • Get hold of everything related to your practice
  • Submit the dental claims with minimal errors
  • Daily processing of billing statements
  • Mitigate outstanding claims
  • Keep track of your progress with regular interactive reporting

Are you really looking forward to scaling the tip in your favor?

Why 24/7 Medical Billing Services for Dental Billing Processes?

Our healthy dental billing solutions offer end-to-end services for groups, practices, and Dental Service Organizations. Before the patient arrives at your clinic, our latest technology starts working the way to verify your patient’s insurance eligibility. Thereafter, this data is redirected into your existing practice management software to ensure adequate treatment plans and the creation of clean dental claims. Our expertise services regarding claims tracing and adjudication then track unpaid or denied claims and resubmit them with appropriate documentation to the insurance carriers. Upon EOB’s receipt, insurance payments are posted by 24/7 Medical Billing Services, and denial follow-ups (if any) are initiated. Moreover, EOB’s are indexed to your patient’s accounts for ease of access. Our dental billing services work beyond merely submitting your dental claims. We also handle A/R follow-up and patient insurance collections to make sure you’re paid what you owe. Printing and mailing of the interactive patient statement to track your progress are also performed as per your practice. Our dental solutions remove your staff’s administrative burden allowing them to invest more time interacting with the patients, thereby thriving your dental practice. You can add further benefits by incorporating the services such as Fee Schedule Maintenance, Credentialing, Accounts Payable processing, and the like. 24/7 Medical Billing Services believe in reducing operational costs, increasing revenues, speeding up cash flows, and fulfilling your patient’s expectations. Leave us a message or mail to learn more, request a quote, or get dental service from us.