Gastroenterology Billing Services

Gastroenterology Billing Services

Diseases may differ from one another, but medicines for all the diseases come from the same combination of chemicals in different ratios. Gastroenterology is a field that deals with different sections of food pipe starting from mouth to anus. The medical division deals with complete disorders happening inside the intestines. It can be anything from simple worms to cancer. No matter what, appropriate gastroenterology billing services is necessary for proper reimbursements.

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Make hassle-free billings

When you allow us to partner with you for gastroenterology billing services, you stay stress-free. We offer the best coding services for different types of diseases that may occur in the food pipe. When they affect digestion, they affect many other organs that come with different names and respective coding. Likewise, diseases pertaining to different organs will have different names too. Because of our experience in this field for more than 12 years, we are able to help people in sorting out different codes for each sickness. The coding which we use is ICD-10, and it has specific codes to describe diseases without any confusion. For instance, the stomach is a single organ, but it can contract multiple diseases like ulcers, stomach irritation, and stomach cancer. The ICD-10 has got special coding for each of these issues. So, billing will not be a big burden for you.

The exact usage of modifiers

  • Our billing services will help you use apt modifiers
  • Expert-level training gives us an edge
  • Clients get correct reimbursements when they use our modifiers

When a mistake occurs in modifiers, the entire billing will be denied. Most of the time, the reason for denials is misplaced modifiers. But our clients will experience no such issues.

Our top ICD-10 codes

We use specialized ICD-10 coding in our billing services. Some of the codes used are mentioned below:

Code C15.3

This code especially denotes malignant neoplasm in the esophagus area covering the upper third part.

Code C15.4

This code is created for malignant neoplasm in the esophagus area which has occurred in the middle third region. Likewise, specific and specialized coding of each sickness makes our gastroenterology billing services stand out.

Why choose 24/7 Medical Billing Services?

  • Timely process
  • Better reimbursements
  • No errors
  • No chance of denials or rejections
  • 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Qualified ICD codes
  • User-friendly software

Apart from the above, we take pride in being on time, every time! It’s like a motto for us. We continue to offer billing services with perfection with the help of our advanced software and skilled coders. When there is even a small delay in billing, the entire process for reimbursements goes for a toss. We care about your time and work around the clock to help you with your gastroenterology billing concerns. Moreover, we work with you alongside to offer the exact level of customization you require for the billing services and offer continuous technical help and support. Connect with 24/7 Medical Billing Services  today to know more.