General Surgery Billing Services

General Surgery Billing Services

General surgery doesn’t take place very often in medical facilities. But they do cost quite a bit and will lead to good gains only when the billing system inaccurate and reimbursements are quick. We help in providing the right assistance for getting reimbursed without any delays or denials about general surgery billing services.

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Reasons for General Surgery

People may perform general surgery for various reasons like:

  • Warts
  • Appendix
  • Pancreas surgery
  • Colon
  • Anal canal
  • Rectum
  • Obese body conditions
  • Type-2 diabetes

These are some of the most common reasons of general surgery. Each of these however come with a unique coding. Our software is updated and helps fast track the billing process without wasting any more time on procedures and protocols.

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Technical aspect

When it comes to general surgery billing services, it is important that the one you choose are technically sound. The right billing practices ensure faster processing. It is important that they treat you as a top priority. General surgery involves different types and terms. The right modifiers need to be used or else the billing can become a very tedious process. We use perfect modifiers and enhanced coding for the billing process.

Our software has got ICD-10 coding, which is specially designed to manage all kinds of general surgery bills. The most common ICD-10 codes for general surgery billing are mentioned below.

Code A63.0

This code is for surgery performed on warts.

Code C18.3

This code is used to make bills for hepatic flexure in malignant neoplasm.

Code C20

This code is for malignant neoplasm among the rectum.

Code C25.0 – Code C25.2

This code is for complete malignant neoplasm in three parts of the pancreas like head, body, and tail.

Code C25.3

This code is for malignant neoplasm of duct in pancreas.

Some of the other codes like C25.4 also deal with pancreatic surgeries without any conflictions.

Code D12.1

This code is for benign neoplasm in the area of appendix.

These are just some of the codes which are being used to create perfect general surgery billing services. We provide accurate bills which will create no flaws while sending for reimbursements.

One-stop solution

Our general billing services include all the technical solutions that your medical practice will require.

We offer customized services based on your medical practice. We have efficient technical coders for even altering the software as needed without much hassle. We understand your needs well and help you

Cope up with the stress and challenges of general surgery billing services. More than anything, 24/7 Medical Billing Services take pride in our anytime help support to help you tide over challenges and issues related to billing. We ensure 100% transparency in revenue cycle management. We provide complete data security on the basis of electronic healthcare support. We ensure a seamless collaboration of services to help you get the most out of our billing services.

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