Optometry Billing Services

Optometry Billing Services

Eyes are the sensory receptors that help people see with 576 megapixels. There are lots of nerves that are connected with our eyes.  When even a single nerve or blood vein gets affected, eye-related issues can arise. When the optometry billing services you choose are the best, it is easier for you to grow your medical practice and revenue. There are so many eye-related problems that occur due to modern-day lifestyle and challenges, that billing for them can become equally complex. If the bill goes wrong, then it may create a bad impression and reflect negatively on your medical practice. Why risk the reputation of your practice when you can manage all this and more with our optometry billing services?

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Top-level of coding

The possibility of errors in optometry largely arises due to wrong coding and no coding for certain illnesses. But our services have implemented ICD-10 coding which has all possible conditions and eye-related issues covered.  We apply them with the help of our software.  Some of the most commonly used codes include:

Code ZØ1.ØØ

This code is for the examination of eyes without any abnormalities in eyes and vision. This is for a general eye checkup.

Code ZØ1.Ø1

This code is for checking up with abnormal findings in the eyes.

Code 367.1

This code is for myopia in any one of the eyes and not specified in the documentation.

Code H52.11

This code is for myopia of the right eye.

Code H52.12

This code is for myopia of the left eye.

Code 367.4

This code is for diagnosing presbyopia in the eyes. These are just some of the coding which is implemented in our ICD-10 coding. They are helpful when it comes to calculating bills accurately without stress. All our clients are happy with our services and use them for flawless billing. There are multiple reasons due to which a claim can go wrong. Our 12 years of experience in this industry gives us the edge to understand the many nuances of billing and follow ethical standards.

Improper services

A patient goes for a medical checkup and all the details are entered in the reimbursement claim online. In the event the coding goes wrong, insurance providers simply reject those claims without any explanation. The easiest way to avoid all such costly errors, save time, and increase revenue is to use our optometry billing services.

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