Pain Management Billing Services

Pain Management Billing Services

People undergo pain which is at the rate of unbearable levels. Such a level of unbearable pain needs some of the doctor’s supervision which will come under billing services. With some of the perfect levels of billing your medical industry has got the whole right to increase the revenue cycle. The revenue cycle can be easily increased when you are getting connected with the best services from our pain management billing industry. We treat your clients as our clients which makes your medical industry gain profit in a short span.

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New implementations on ICD-10

We have implemented the newly improved ICD-10 coding in our Pain management billing services which gives clear and cut right bills without any mistakes or denials. Our service has got the best performances and happy clients throughout the world. Some of the codes which we are using in our billing services are We have a new set of codes from CPT codes 64400- 64530 which will claim reimbursement for any kind of pain management services. The codes are given for nerve pains in each patient. The level of pain is measured by the term of Unit OF Service (UOS) and the reimbursements are based on the severity of pains. For instance, patient “x” gets pain and patient “y” get a high level of pain. Who spends more money? It is definitely patient “y”. To get the real amount which he is spending for medical expenses, there must be a level for measuring pain which is used in the US. This UOS helps an ineffective way to provide income to the medical industry.

Code 64445

This code is for injection injected in sciatic nerve as an anesthetic agent for single.

Code 64450

This code is for injection injected in peripheral nerve as an anesthetic agent for single. These are just some of the codes which we are using. The codes will even clearly specify which nerve is getting injected. Such kinds of codes are implemented in our high level of software to make our clients get satisfaction in the billing process. Because of such careful usage of codes, there are no chances for errors in our billing services. We work on client satisfaction and we assure to improve your financial income by 10 or 20% after getting services from us.

Why choose us?

  • Our entire billing is based on reducing the papers
  • We are best in saving data using electronic ways
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  • The password can be changed at needed times
  • The software can be connected online via the internet
  • Safest software for billing services
  • More than 12 years of experts
  • Right code for billing
  • Transparency in billing services

Hands-on experts

24/7 Medical Billing Services have more than 12 years of services in the same medical billing industry which has created the best experts for various purposes like skilled software testing, accounting, and many other issues. We provide help support for 24*7 which will help your medical industry to clear any doubts without the measure of time.