Plastic Surgery Billing Services

Plastic Surgery Billing Services

A Medical billing service supports the medical industry to grow as a giant structure. Without proper billing services, there are no chances for the medical industry to survive between the hardest financial storms. A billing service can only know about all the services which are happening inside the medical industry. One such branch of the medical industry is plastic surgery, which deals with the restoration of parts of the body. Plastic surgery can be done the restoring beautiful parts of the body which can provide a good income to the medical industry with the help of Plastic Surgery Billing Services.

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The plastic surgery billing services can be done on the surgeries performed. We provide billings services for surgeries which are displayed below

  • Aesthetic surgery
  • Burn surgery
  • Craniofacial surgery
  • Hand surgery
  • Microsurgery
  • Pediatric plastic surgery

These are some of the types of surgeries. Each may differ from one another and it is a little hard to enter the right terms for accurate bills. But the billing services become easy when you are getting connected with our services. We offer the best services for easy billing and we assure to provide right terms for claiming reimbursements.

Billing software

We have got specialized software for performing the bills of plastic surgery. We are using ICD-10 coding for giving some of the specialized services from our concern. Our experts of coding have accomplished great success by implementing the new version of coding which has been approved by the health department. Some of the coding which we use in plastic surgery billing are given below

Code C00.0

This code is for malignant neoplasm of the external layer of the upper lip.

Code C00.1

This code is for malignant neoplasm of the external layer of the lower lip.

Code C00.3

This code is for malignant neoplasm of the external lip in cases of unspecified parts.

Code Z41.1

This code is for performing cosmetic surgery.

Code J34.2

This code is for deviated nasal septum. These are just some of the sample codes which we have implemented in our software and most of our clients have got no complaints with our documents still date. We are giving a quality product which is being experienced by many of our high-class clients.

Benefits of our services

Here are some of the lists of benefits that we provide in our medical coding services.

  • We have got 12 years of experience in dealing with every single term of plastic surgery.
  • We can even provide training to your staffs with our qualified experts in this field.
  • We can suggest some of the trainees who are ready to work in your medical industry.
  • By getting some of these powerful resources, your medical industry will create a new record of bills without any errors.
  • Our help services will be available for you all around the clock
  • Codings will create a hassle-free billing
  • Trail version of the software for 30 days is available

These are just some of the benefits which are available in our set of medical billing services that can really help people to work without stress in the medical industry.

Electronic storage

The data of each and every patient performing plastic surgery will be stored in the software and we give backup facilities also. With the usage of electronic storage, we ensure there will be no damage or misplacements of files. Any information regarding patient files can be retrieved easily without any stress. Get connected with 24/7 Medical billing services to make your plastic surgery bills hassle-free.