Radiation Oncology Billing Services

Radiation Oncology Billing Services

There are plenty of ways to increase your medical industry revenue but it can be increased with the help of radiation oncology billing services.  To manage billing in a radiology department is quite challenging as it involves a lot of documentation. To deal with such a difficult process, a medical facility will need experts to manage the medical billing and documentation process. We provide a better documentation process and billing services which will instantly raise your revenue within a short period of time.

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Expertise in billing

We have more than 12 years of experience in the radiation oncology field. Since it deals with a lot of modern equipment and other instruments, it becomes hard for newcomers in the industry to handle it. With our experienced staff and services, we can handle it efficiently without any hurdles. We have competent staff to work on various parts of the billing. We provide the best coding software which is no match for other billing services.


Some of the coding which we use in our software are given below. Take a look at our latest versions of coding.

Code C01

This code is for tongue-based malignant neoplasm.

Code C09.8

This code is for malignant neoplasm in terms of overlapping sites in the tonsil area.

Code C09.9

This code is for malignant neoplasm performed for unspecified tonsils.

Code C20

This code is for malignant neoplasm in the area of the rectum. Code C21.1 This code is for malignant neoplasm in the anal canal.

Code C32.0

This code is for malignant neoplasm in the glottis. These are just some of the codes which we are using for billing services. We have got great insights from the 10th version of coding, and the 9th version of coding gave us an idea about what works and what to avoid. With the help of our expert coders, we designed perfect software that is flexible and user-friendly. Join our ever-growing clientele to enjoy our services.

Why choose 24/7 Medical Billing Services?

  • We are always helpful in terms of all your requirements regarding radiation department billing.
  • We have a large workforce to help you work using our software at your workplace.
  • We promise to improve your revenue by 10-20% after contracting with us.
  • We have very transparent policies and all our policies are legal.
  • We use the right software and coding for billing which makes our services error-free in the industry.
  • We provide services around the clock.
  • We tend to provide the right RCM for your medical industry.

You can simply call us to get details about our services pertaining to the radiation department. We ensure the right use of modifiers for enhancing proper ways of billing. A good billing service will lead your concern to get better reimbursements without any denials. We strongly believe in giving our best to make reimbursements possible in just a few days. Stay with us to see the increment in your revenue. Contact 24/7 Medical Billing Services now to know how we can help you to optimize your radiation oncology billing service.