Sports Medicine Billing Services

Sports Medicine Billing Services

It is very common for athletes to get injured and often require prompt medical assistance. However, medical practices may not maintain separate billings for sports medicine billing services. What they fail to realize is that the right billing services can significantly boost their revenue. Sports medical bills are very important and can improve your cash flow. The software which we are using for calculating sports bills is extremely useful and all our clients are happy with the incredible benefits they are experiencing using it. Since we have the best experts for coding, we have implemented the recent ICD-10 codes in our software. The ICD-10 is the successive version of its old version ICD-9. Since the new version has got all the necessary injury parts covered in detail, claim settlement has become fast and easy. The ICD-10 has proved to be one of the best solutions for tracking down the bills in the shortest time.

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Why choose 24/7 Medical Billing Services?

  • We help in increasing your revenue by 20%.
  • We deal with quality service.
  • We use flawless codes.
  • We store data electronically.
  • We offer anytime help around the clock.
  • We help you delete the word ‘denial’ from your medical dictionary.

These are just some of the benefits of getting services from us. Some of them are elaborated  below:

Increase your Revenue

We assure you of an increase in your revenue by 20% once you start using our software. We have implemented some of the best strategies to ensure your efforts are rewarded and you are continually guided in your billing journey. An increase in revenue however remains our biggest endeavor while keeping the billing process flawless.

Quality service

We ensure quality service and help your medical practice stay a step ahead with our medical billing services. We even offer a free analysis of your bills and provide reports about your standards which can help you move ahead with confidence. We don’t compromise on our quality and that’s why we provide better services as compared to our contemporaries.

Right usage of codes

We have trained some of the most competent employees to work with you in your medical facility. Since they are trained people on the specialty of sports medical billing, they ensure the right usage of codes and save the time of patients who are waiting in the queue. Since the trained employees have no doubts about new ICD-10 codes, there are no chances for denials and rejections. Even if there is a denial, we will reclaim or resubmit the bills for getting reimbursements within a very short period of time.

Electronic data

We save everything electronically and our clients love that about our service. Any data retrieval can be carried out within a short period of time. The electronic usage of software helps to log into the software with a secured login and password. The electronic data can be accessed via the Internet and authorized personnel can use the software from anywhere in the world. 24/7 Medical Billing Services have ample amount experience in sports medicine billing services which helps us clarify technical as well as non-technical doubts in no time. The services which we provide are affordable and we provide better quality than many others in the industry.  Call us today to allow us to fix all your billing issues and increase your revenue. We will help you grow your practice and excel.