Telehealth Billing Services

Telehealth Billing Services

For mild-to-moderate COVID-19 or any other illness symptoms, telehealth services play a crucial role in delivering the initial care and performance of triaging. Telemedicine also represents a better and efficient way of catering to routine needs and follow-up the care plan. Here, we need to know about telehealth billing services in depth.

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Powerful Reasons to Offer Telehealth Services

Since early 2020, the demand for telehealth services is growing steadily. With COVID-19 onset, the adoption and patient demand for telehealth services from US physicians have shot up. Such patient demand and the resulting revenue opportunities available to the physicians provide the reason to stay and survive.

  • Telehealth services demand is expected to rise 65% alone in 2020.
  • Patients are clamoring for virtual care as there are approx. 1 billion total telehealth visits in 2020.
  • Demand for telehealth is anticipated to depict a 5-year compound annual growth rate of 38.2% by 2025.

Offer the care your patients are looking for and enjoy the reimbursement your practice deserves with 24/7 Medical Billing Services.

Biggest Telehealth Billing Services Challenge – Chasing Patients Information

In a traditional healthcare setup, there is at least some sort of relationship between the providers and patients due to face-to-face interactions. Because of such a relationship, all the necessary billing information can be acquired and completed efficiently by just calling the patients. In fact, most of the patients are happy to help and co-operate for all sorts of information as it’s an ongoing relationship. However, in telehealth services, the virtual interaction between the doctors and patients welcomes more new patients who have never visited the clinic or hospital physically. Though it provides a new way to grow the patient’s lists and resulting revenue, it makes it difficult to get hold of their complete information for claims as there are chances of never being heard from these patients again. Outsource your practice’s telehealth Billing Services to 24/7 Medical Billing Services as the easiest way to collect the full reimbursement amount of the patients treated remotely.

Why Choose Us?

The telehealth billing services prove to be a tricky process that involves complex CPT code modifiers. To streamline the practice workflows, many healthcare providers turn towards an Electronic Management Service to ensure electronic health records, i.e., EHR, for every patient. Though the EHR software ensures you gather sufficient data for telehealth billing, it doesn’t provide you with the in-depth analysis required to grow your practice. Moreover, you might often be hard-pressed to carry out the administrative duties along with other patient-centered responsibilities. Thereby, the only common solution to all these troubles is outsourcing your telehealth billing services to a third-party vendor. Enjoy the multiple benefits from outsourcing your telehealth billing to an experienced 24/7 Medical Billing Services that includes:

Specialized Team: You might be looking for experienced medical billers and coders to focus on your telehealth requirements for Medicaid, Medicare, and other major insurance providers. Being a knowledgeable team with the latest software, we can help you save $118 per claim denial appeal by boosting the accuracy of your claims right from the outset.

More Efficient Returns: With an expert workforce, we can submit your claims in a matter of hours rather than a matter of days. Additionally, we can bring your verification costs under 50 cents by using automated EHR software instead of $8 due to the manual billing process.

Cost-Effective: Compared to the in-house billing team, outsourcing your telehealth billing services allows you to pay less for getting more in terms of expert advice and reimbursement returns. You can also cut down the additional overhead costs connected with hiring the additional workforce to your billing team. Thereby, it further enhances the opportunity for more revenues and growth of your practice.

Reduced Errors: The most common errors in the telehealth claims submissions are related to the originating site location. We make more than 100% efforts to reduce such errors to make sure you receive full reimbursements for all the patient services you provide.

More Time for Patient Care: Outsourcing your telehealth billing and your related workload and tensions to 24/7 Medical Billing Services will allow you to focus more on the areas where it needs to be – patient care. Instead of paying attention to the administrative details, stressing more about patient engagement even after office hours will result in a better standard of patient care and enhance your practice reputation. Just drop us a message or call us to choose 24/7 Medical Billing Services as your Telehealth Billing partner.